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The next day, thinking ahead to my next workout with grandma and its effect on my raging hard-on, I called Mrs. Fabian in the late afternoon.

“Hello,” she answered her phone. “San Pietro Savings. Dolores Fabian.”

“Now,” I growled into the phone. “Right now. I need you.”

I heard her gasp and then draw a deep breath.

“Where are you, honey?”

“Iron Shop,” I muttered.

There was a pause. “I’ll pick you up in ten minutes. Around back.”

I put the phone down in the cradle and locked up the gym. By the time I had turned the key in the back door, Mrs. Fabian had pulled into the parking lot in her Volvo. I opened the door and slid into the front seat.

She grabbed my thigh and squeezed it

“Sweetie,” she purred. “I need it bad too.”

We kissed hurriedly as she put the car back in gear. We ran every stop sign in San Pietro on the way to her big, fake tudor house on the town outskirts. She pulled into the garage and we hopped out of the car.

“Jimmy gets home in a half hour,” she said, grabbing my hand. and pulling me through the garage door.

We stopped in the kitchen and I wrapped my arms around her waist. I pulled her skirt up over her hips, and as she whined and moaned, I ripped her panties down her legs. Two seconds later, I had my cock in hand and was plugging it into Mrs. Fabian’s sopping wet pussy as she lay writhing in pleasure on the kitchen floor. She wrapped her big legs around my waist, and we fucked like animals, fast and furious. I pawed her breasts through her blouse and latched my mouth onto hers as I punished her pussy with my cock. Mrs. Fabian moaned and yelped and banged the floor with the palms of her hands.

Just as I exploded deep inside her, we heard the front door open. I looked into her eyes, now wide with surprise.

“Shit,” I said.

Mrs Fabian just smiled.

I looked up to see a portly middle-aged guy in shorts and a polo shirt staring down at the two of us. I froze on top of Mrs. Fabian. The man’s eyes widened, then narrowed. Slowly, a wicked smile crept across his face.

Mrs. Fabian looked up at him too, still smiling.

“Jimmy,” she murmured.

Jimmy’s grin broadened.

“Dolores,” he said in a squeaky voice. “So this is the stud you told me about.”

Confused, I looked from Mrs. Fabian to Mr. Fabian.

“Indeed, he is,” Mrs. Fabian answered with a laugh.

She smacked my ass with her hands.

“What do you think?”

Mr. Fabian stepped around to the side of our bodies.

“Incredible,” he said, running his eyes up and down my body. “Really, incredible. Superb.”

I felt Mrs. Fabian’s hands running up and down my back. My deflated cock rubbed against her wet pussy.

“Meet my husband, Frank. Jimmy, meet Frank.”

Mr. Fabian grinned again. “Please to meet you Frank.”

I looked down at Mrs. Fabian.

“Oh, don’t worry, honey,” she whispered. “Jimmy and I have an understanding.”

I got to my knees and then stood up. Mr. Fabian’s eyes were glued to my cock.

“Help me up, sweetie,” Mrs. Fabian huffed as she raised her arms to me.

I grabbed her wrists and pulled her to her feet. She looped an arm around my neck and put her other hand on my naked chest.

She gave me a peck on the cheek as she rubbed my chest.

“Jesus, Dolores,” Jimmy said, his face growing florid and sweaty. “Look at those muscles.”

Dolores beamed and squeezed my chest muscles.

“Baby,” she said to her husband. “He’s Abby’s grandson.”

Jimmy smacked his head with his hand. “Of course, Tom’s grandson.”

Mrs. Fabian smiled and kissed my cheek again.

“And,” she purred, dropping her hand to my cock. “He’s all ours!”

Mr. Fabian grinned and squeezed his fat little hands together.

“Hold on, folks,” I said, casting my eyes around for my t-shirt. “I don’t know what the fuck is going on here. But . . you two are definitely a couple of freaks.”

Mrs. Fabian pouted her lips together and continued rolling her hand around my now stiffening cock.

“Well, sweetie,” she said more to her husband than to me. “Of course we are. But, we can do things for you.”

She paused.

“Maybe I should have done a more formal introduction. Frank, meet Mayor Fabian.”

My eyebrows shot up, and I looked at Jimmy’s watery, thin eyes. He laughed.

“Oh yeah, Frank,” he squeaked. “We have plans for you.”

I spied my shirt on the kitchen chair to my right and twisted out of Mrs. Fabian’s grasp to grab it.

“I like fucking your wife, Jimmy,” I said, with special emphasis on his name. “But I don’t know what plans you’re talking about.”

The Fabians laughed together.

“Pull up your pants, son,” Jimmy said. “And then think about all the construction work you’re doing on the gym.”

I yanked my jeans up and fastened them. I crossed my big heavy arms in front of my chest.

“Have you wondered,” Jimmy said, motioning to Mrs. Fabian with his hand, “why nobody’s asked you for permits yet? Or, bostancı escort why nobody’s bugged you about filing tax forms?”

I felt my ears burning. Mrs. Fabian strutted over to her husband’s side. He draped a chubby arm around her shoulder.

“We want to help you son. San Pietro looks kindly on new business and young entrepreneurs. But . . . ” He paused and squeezed one of his wife’s massive tits. “you’re going to help us too. That’s the way communities work.”

They beamed at me in unison. I turned and stalked out of the kitchen.

“We’ll be calling you,” Jimmy shouted in his squeaky voice. “And you just let us know when you need us.”

I banged through the garage door and out into the hot sun. Bastards, I thought. That’s why the line of credit went through so easy. She’d been up to no good from the very beginning. I trudged down the quiet suburban street, fuming.

It took me twenty minutes to get back to the gym and another ten to make it home. Grandma was out. I took a shower and reconsidered the whole thing. Did I want to be trapped in some kind of freaky relationship with the Fabians? Images of Jimmy’s fat face flashed before me. How far did their “help” go? For the first time in months, I felt like having a beer. Instead, I went for a jog.

When I returned, grandma was home and preparing dinner. I ate in silence.

“Are you okay?” Grandma asked me quietly at one point.

I grunted and finished eating.

“I’ll meet you in the garage in fifteen minutes,” grandma sang to me as I stood up from table.

Jesus, I thought to myself as I walked back to my room, Another night of weirdness. Tension etched itself across my temples. My brain was shifting from frustration to anger. I had to be careful.

A little later, changed into my training shorts and without a shirt, I opened the garage door. Grandma was nude, except for her running shoes. She beamed up at me from her seat on the bench. As I ran my eyes over her breasts, I thought my head was going to explode. How was a man supposed to react to all of this? My cock said: fuck her. My brain said: she’s your grandmother.

I stalked to the weight deck and pulled off a bunch of plates. Sometimes the only way to forget is to push all your frustration through your body. I clamped the weights onto a pair of dumbbells and carried them over to the bench. Grandma scooted out of the way, a twinge of fear flashing across her eyes.

Silently I sat down and began cranking out a set of shoulder presses. Grandma turned and grabbed the jump rope. She began skipping rope on the other side of the garage, her breasts bouncing up and down. I dropped the weights with a sharp clang.

Fuck it, I thought to myself.

I stood and peeled my shorts off my hips and then off my feet. I stood in front of grandma with my feet spread and my hands on my hips.

“Guess I’m getting kinda hot too,” I said to her gruffly.

The jump rope drooped to the floor. She looked at me with wide eyes. As I sat down, my back against the bench back and my legs spread on either side of the bench, I watched as she slowly walked her eyes up and down my body. She blushed.

“Sure, baby,” she said, picking the jump rope back up. “You’ll be so much cooler.”

She smiled weakly.

I picked the weights back up and began a set of superslow presses, my eyes glued to grandma’s. I felt my cock begin to rise and, embarrassed, I turned away from grandma to peer sideways into the full length mirror on the wall. The sight of my shoulders bulging with exertion, my big thighs spread around the bench, and my cock starting to jut up from between my legs only made me get harder. I heard grandma’s rope drop to the floor.

She approached the bench, her upper chest flushed scarlet. A pearl of sweat rolled down her left breast and dripped onto the floor. My cock strained toward the ceiling.

“Frank,” she said, falteringly. “I told you before. I don’t think your locking out your shoulders enough when you press.”

I grunted and stared at the cleft between her thighs. Her pussy lips were swollen now and sweat dribbled down through her bush. My cock was rock hard, poking straight toward her.

“Show me,” I spat out in a strangled voice.

She smiled and walked to the end of the bench. Then she spread her legs and advanced toward me. Her sweat slicked thighs slid against the outside of mine until she was standing straight over my cock. Her face was burning red. She reached out and put a small, soft hand on each of my shoulder caps.

“Like this,” she whispered, pushing my shoulders back.

I groaned as I lifted the weights. She pushed harder against my shoulders, and I saw her slowly start to lower her hips toward my cock.

“That’s right,” she said, panting deeply. “Lift.”

I held the weights steady and slowly lifted my hips upward. The tip of my cock brushed against her pussy. Grandma closed her eyes and tilted her head upward toward the cieling. She bit her lower lip.

“Yes,” she ümraniye escort bayan mumbled and slowly pushed her hips downward further until I could feel the tip of my cock nestling into the soft, velvety flesh of her pussy.

Grandma opened her eyes and looked down at me. She smiled beatifically.

“It’s not wrong, Frank,” she said in a whisper as she lowered her silky pussy down over my cock. “It’s not wrong, baby.”

I groaned and grandma squeezed my shoulders and dropped her pussy onto my cock. My dick was enveloped in a warm, delicious friction as she slid down onto my lap, her thighs straddling mine. I felt her ass cheeks settle down onto my crotch and her hands run up along my neck. I groaned again and dropped the weights to the floor.

We sat there, frozen for seconds, shocked by the delicious pleasure of my cock stuffed tightly into her pussy and her sweaty skin pressed against mine. Grandma pushed her hands into my hair and pulled her lips down to mine.

“I’ve wanted you baby,” she gasped, her lips an inch from mine. “Since the day you came back.”

I hummed deep in side my chest and she pushed her lips onto mine. Our tongues met and slid together. It was like someone had flipped a switch somewhere. The taste of her tongue pushed me from absolute stillness into unchained energy. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she bowed her back forward to force her crotch even tighter to mine. I planted my feet on the ground and jerked my hips upward, driving her off her feet. With her mouth still glued to mine, she began swiveling her hips back and forth.

We fucked like starved lovers, our bodies crashing together and blasting apart. Grandma rode my upward thrusts with her thighs clamped around my waist. Bearing down on her elbows, she jammed her hips down hard to meet my thrusts. Her fingers clenched my hair and she raised her head upward, gasping and moaning as we twisted and collided. My cock felt like a steel rod, and I bounced her furiously up and down. My hands squeezing each side of her hips pushed her down and raised her up, grinding her pussy energetically against my cock.

She began to gasp in short, high-pitched squeaks and dropped her head to my shoulder. I felt her body tensing and relaxing until she finally collapsed with a groan onto me. I kept fucking. My hips drove my cock in and out of her while her body flopped up and down on top of me like a rag doll.

“Yesssssss . . . ” I heard her groan from deep in the back of her throat. “Yesssssss . . . .”

I grabbed her ass in my hands and smashed it down onto my cock as I cranked my hips upward. Clamped onto my dick, I shook her body violently back and forth with my hips and hands.

She groaned into my shoulder and dug her hands deeper into my hair. I grunted and twisted my hips frenetically up and down, grinding my cock into her pussy. She let out a gasp and relaxed her grip on my hair. With a shout, I felt my cock starting to open up like a faucet turning slowly. I gasped for air and dug my fingers into her firmly muscled ass. My cock burst with pleasure and, arching my back and opening my mouth for air, I spewed my load deep into her.

As my cock twitched and jerked inside grandma’s pussy, I slumped back onto the bench. Her body was dead weight on mine. I exhaled deeply and dropped my hands from her ass. Our two bodies were sealed together by pressure and sweat. I closed my eyes and felt every ounce of tension drain out of my body. Grandma’s face rested on my shoulder. Except for our chests heaving together, neither one of us moved.

We lay like that for ten or fifteen minutes, our breathing finally returning to normal. With a sigh, grandma raised her head and peeled her torso from mine. Sitting up, with my cock still inside her, she ran her hand across her forehead. I stared at her speechlessly. She smiled down at me and then softly stroked my cheek. She leaned down to kiss me and then nestled her head against my chest.

I felt her hard nipples against my naked chest. Her hands gently squeezed and stroked my shoulders and upper arms. I rested my hands on her shoulder blades slick with sweat and gently massaged them.

Minutes later, she kissed my neck and began unpeeling her body from mine. She pushed her hips backward and my cock popped out of her pussy. Sighing, she stood and gazed down at me with a smile. I reached up and stroked her thigh. She grabbed a towel from where it hung off the weight stack and dabbed it between her thighs. Then, she turned and walked unsteadily out of the garage. Her ass cheeks rose and fell gently as she strode away.

I lay there stunned. I’d never felt so horny before. Never felt so wild with desire. I’d never climaxed like that, every nerve in my body coalescing around my cock. I looked down to my now limp dick lying across my thigh.

Jesus, I thought. I need more of that.

Slowly, I rose up off the bench and padded on bare feet toward the door. My body rippled with feeling and awareness. Every cell in my skin seemed kartal escort to be registering the warm air, the dry concrete floor of the garage, the scents of the summer night, a faint breeze wafting through my hair. I stopped in the kitchen, twisted the sink faucet, and caught a pool of water in my cupped hands. The water filled my mouth with sweetness and slid down my throat.

I felt completely alive and at peace.

The bathroom door was open and the light was on. I entered the humid air and stepped into the tub. I took a quick shower, massaging the warm water into my skin and letting it drip through my hair. I dried off. Across the hall, grandma’s door was open and her bedside light was on. I entered her room.

She was lying on her back on the bed, her left knee raised slightly. She smiled at me and ran her palm across the sheets next to her. I walked in and lowered myself onto the bed next to her. She looped her arm around my neck and raised her body against mine. We kissed deeply and slowly. Her cool tongue pushed itself against mine, while my hand wandered idly up and down her spin and along the beautiful swell of her hips. I reached down and slid my hand along her inner thigh. Her kisses became more urgent. I lifted her thigh and pulled it on top of mine. My cock brushed against her silver bush. Grandma crammed her body tight against mine.

I reached down and grabbed my cock, slowly pushing it toward the silky cleft between her legs. With a gasp, she raised her knee higher and my cock parted her lips. I pushed myself into her just past my cock head, enjoying the soft pressure of her pussy and our bodies together. I could feel her thigh muscles tightening, pulling my crotch tighter to hers. Moaning softly, I gently pushed my hips forward, slowly driving my cock deeper into her.

Grandma pulled her lips off mine and wrapped her arm around my neck. She put her mouth to my ear, and I could hear her deep, full breaths against my ear. Her hand crept down across my shoulder blades and danced down my spine. She squeezed my ass and then pulled me more tightly into her.

She gasped into my ear. Then, she pulled her face back until we were looking into each others’ eyes.

“It’s not a bad thing, Frank,” she whispered. “It’s not a bad thing to have your cock inside me.”

I groaned and jammed my hips tighter to her crotch. Her leg looped around my ass, and she clenched her leg, locking me inside her.

“I love your cock inside me,” she said, panting softly as our bodies began to surge rhythmically together, her eyes still glued to mine. “I love the feel of you inside me.”

I mumbled something incoherent and felt my cock swelling inside her warm, silky pussy.

She smiled and tilted her head back, her mouth open and gasping for air.

“Yes, baby,” she hissed softly. “You belong to me grandma now. Fuck me.”

I buried my mouth in her neck, kissing and licking and sucking, even as I pushed her over onto her back. Grandma raised her legs into the air, and I wrapped a hand around each ankle and jabbed my cock into her. She reached backward to grab the railings in the headboard and then pushed to meet my thrust. She looked up at me with a wide, sexy smile and then began rocking back and forth beneath me, riding my hard cock.

Her abs ripples and twisted under her skin and her breasts bounced up and down her chest as she drove her pussy on and off my cock. I pushed her tiny feet onto my chest and she braced her legs against my body, her calf and thigh muscles straining as she bounced herself on my cock. I leaned back and pushed my hips forward, watching my cock play hide and seek with her cunt. I added my rhythm to her momentum and soon we had the whole bed rocking back and forth noisily.

My cock grew impossibly hard and I lowered my torso to her body, her legs bending into a squat. I leaned my head down and kissed her nipples, then licked them, and then muzzled her full breasts with my mouth. Grandma moaned deeply and shook her head back and forth. The bed creaked and groaned.

Pumping her arms up and down, grandma began to work her body harder and faster against my cock. I began to slam my hips downward faster and faster. And, soon, our two bodies were reduced to that one point of friction between our legs. The whole world seemed to collect around the point where my cock met her pussy and with a long, deep sigh, grandma wrapped her legs around my waist and squeezed hard.

I felt her pubes scrape against mine as I jammed my cock all the way inside her and held it there, waiting for the tip of my cock to tingle with pleasure. Suddenly, grandma released one hand from the headboard, snaked it downward between our bodies, and wrapped it around my balls. She squeezed gently and then rolled my balls between her fingers. I shouted and my cock jerked in pleasure. Jets of cum flooded out of my cock and a wave of warmth and aching pleasure spread upward from my crotch. I groaned and my groan was met by grandma’s deep moan of pleasure. I dropped onto her, wrapped my arms around her waist and rolled the two of us onto our sides, our crotches glued together.

We stayed like that for ten minutes, riding out the last pulse of our orgasm. With a little sigh, grandma relaxed her pussy and my cock began sliding out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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