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I am forced to point out that all characters are 18 and over.

I woke up groggily on Monday morning, my head spinning. It was still dark outside.

My fully erection cock still was positioned in Mom’s ass, her heeled stockinged legs covered in cum. My hands were still positioned on her wonderful boobs, soft and squishy.

“Mmm…” Mom moaned as she felt me move, “Good morning baby…”

“Morning,” I replied, kissing her tenderly on the lips. Mom slowly slid away, my cock falling out with a loud wet sound.

“Last night really was a whirlwind huh?” she asked with a chuckle.

“Oh yeah…” I agreed.

The night before, Mom had a late meeting with some clients. I fucked Audrey while she was out but I was still unfulfilled. As soon as she walked in our bedroom, I pounced.

I roughly unbuttoned her blouse while vigorously rubbing my cock on her open pussy and she moaned loudly under my rough treatment. I snatched off her skirt and threw her onto the bed.

The rest of the night was a blur as we fucked savagely in any position we could. At one point, I was standing holding up Mom’s legs as I fucked her pussy desperately. I think I lost consciousness before I even came.

– –

“Do you have any breeding to do today?” Mom asked after she had washed the dishes from breakfast.

“No,” I replied, “I had Brooke but I fucked her yesterday. Then when school is over, I have to fuck Emily and Victoria.”

Mom nodded, “Sounds like you have a full fuck schedule then. Well, I’ll be here all day. So we could have some fun for oh, about 8 hours.”

A few seconds, Mom knockers hung in the sink while I pounded her from behind.

“Yes baby!” Mom begged as I reached down hold tightly onto her boobs, “Fuck me!!”

As the bus rumbled up the street, I sprayed my load into her pussy and she grunted with each thrust.

“Have a good day baby,” she said softly as she kissed me before I left to catch the bus.

– –

Tariq fist bumped me. “What are you doing here?” he asked once he saw me at school, “shouldn’t you still be fucking some housewife?”

“Do I detect jealousy my friend?” I asked as we walked to Spanish class, “the mind is for more than sex.”

“If I had your life,” Tariq replied, “I’d be drow

He shrugged and laughed as we arrived in the classroom. Taking my seat beside Emily, I nearly swallowed my own words. In front of the class was our new English teacher.

Pamela Reeves, a 34-year-old 40E was a sight. She had a black knee length skirt with a slit on the side and gray blouse. I instantly got hard at the sight of her gorgeous ebony body.

Emily felt my cock rise and laughed, knowing instantly what was going on.

“Is there a problem Ms. Reynolds?” Mrs. Reeves asked with a sexy accent.

“Uh… no ma’am.” Emily quickly replied.

“Good,” she replied, “now let’s continue.”

– –

The rest of the class went by smoothly though every guy left with a significant bulge in his pants.

Twice, Ms. Reeves dropped a pen or a sheet of paper near my desk, giving me full view of her full and round ass or her deep cleavage.

I managed to concentrate however. But it seemed to go on and on.

At lunch on Wednesday Tariq asked, “So how you doing in English?”

“Surprisingly well.” I replied.

“Surprisingly?!” Tariq asked emphatically, spraying bits of apple all over the table, “you’re the smartest kid in our entire grade.”

I told him the whole story to which he burst out laughing. After enduring his seemingly endless cackle, he started coughing.

“Well,” he said clearing his throat, “since you are doing well, don’t sweat it. And don’t feel bad. Find one guy in this entire school who doesn’t want to be deep in her fine ass.”

I laughed along with him, deflecting the bits of ham and cheese exiting his pendik escort mouth.

The rest of the week went by smoothly. However on Friday night, I lay beside Mom in bed and images of Pamela ran endlessly through my mind. Thankfully Mom sensed my growth and drained me.

I don’t even think she minded having to do it 9 times that night.

– –

At my locker that Monday afternoon, I saw Oliver. I also saw the white silk panties he attempted to subtly stuff in his pocket.

“Finally got with Rachel eh?” I asked.

“You know it!” He replied, high fiving me.

After Sadie had dumped him, I convinced Rachel to give him some cheering up. Now they were part of the Mom-Son Companionship Group (as Mom called it.)

Oliver was at first somewhat angry I had fucked Rachel first but once he experienced sex with my own mother, he got over it the same day.

We walked down the hall planning to go to his house and DP his mother but Ms. Reeves called.

“Mr. Anderson, can I see you a minute please?”

I told Oliver I would see him later and headed to her room.

– –

“Yes Ms. Reeves?” I asked as she stood against her desk.

“Have a seat Kyle,” she offered and I took the desk closest to her.

After a brief pause, she asked, “Kyle, do you know my friend Theresa Gonzalez?”

“No!” I answered, probably a little quicker than I should have but I couldn’t go into detail how I knew her…

“Interesting,” she replied, “she knows you and so does her son Ramon.”

She showed me a recent picture from her phone. Theresa sat, her boobs much larger than the last time I had seen her two months before and my son, now 7-months-old. He looked a lot like me.

“H-how…?” I attempted to ask but she shushed me.

“Don’t worry about that.” Ms. Reeves replied, “but she told me you were the father. Then imagine my surprise when I see your name on my class roster.”

I couldn’t come up with a response.

“I knew you were always a gifted student,” she continued, “you’re always well prepared for class. I thought I might have the wrong Kyle Anderson…”

I internally breathed a sigh of relief.

“… that is until I met your mother at Open House. I saw how she looked at you. She told me raises you and your two younger siblings alone now while working long hours. Yet she looks like she has not one care in the world.”

“To clinch it,” she continued, “I made sure you had some stimulation…” She rubbed her boobs and ass, practically make me slobber.

She clicked over in her heels and frilly white shoulder-less blouse and put my hands on her ample rack. “And I pleased to see it worked.”

She gently removed my hands and removed her blouse, letting her heavy knockers hang out in her blue bra. I raised a hand to remove her bra but she pushed it away.

“That cock, Kyle.” she said expectantly and I dropped my pants and boxers, my full hardon making her eyes bulge.

“Ooooh…” she cooed as she traced her hand over it, “I see Theresa didn’t lie. You do pack a massive dick. I just love big cocks.”

She dropped her skirt and got on her knees, still wearing her glasses. It made her look even sexier as she raised my cock to pleasure my balls, rolling them in her mouth.

I moaned as I leaned back as she gave a long lick to my vein and slurped up my precum.

“That cock is out of this world,” she said with an excited smile before she swiftly took me back down, sucking with loud slurps.

Fuck she’s good… I said in my head as she sucked faster while squeezing my ass. She sucked like a vacuum cleaner, her still restrained boobs shaking gently in her bra.

You can’t cum already. You can’t…

She continued to speedily fuck her mouth with my cock, her forehead rapidly colliding with my groin. Watching my prick continually disappear maltepe escort down her throat, I moved up my hips in pace with her.

Her eyes watered as she went faster, her boobs hitting against my knee. She really worked her tongue as she slobbered on my cock, staring up at me with her sexy brown eyes. She pulled back just before I would’ve exploded in her mouth.

“I’m proud of you for not cumming Kyle,” she said as she jerked me off with her saliva and my precum, “I’ve never met a cock that could survive one my blowjobs.”

She stood up and kissed me passionately, our tongues dancing together as she rubbed my prick between her legs. Her kiss was desperate while her juicy lips pressed hard against mine while I groped her luscious plump yet toned ass.

She removed my shirt and rubbed my chest.

“So strong…” she moaned, “I think there’s something you want to take off too Kyle.”

I resumed kissing her as she stroked my cock between us. I reached around her to unhook her bra and she flexed her shoulders to make it fall off. My cock twitched in her hand as her fine ebony boobs came into view.

Her nipples were hard and smooth as I instantly began to suck them, licking around her brown areolas. She moaned as I switched between each boob, with surprisingly no sag despite their amazing size.

Her mouth spread to let out a loud long moan as I rolled her nubs between my fingers and gently nibbled on them. Unexpectedly, I inched two fingers last her panties and shoved them up her panties.

She cried out as she picked her pace jerking me off and we both moaned simultaneously.

“K-Kyle,” she struggled to make out, “I need you inside me baby. I need this hard dick fucking my pussy.”

I gripped her ass and picked her up, making her squeal as she kissed me again. I lay her back over her desk and she pulled panties down and spread her legs.

“Get over here and fuck me Kyle,” she said seductively. I pushed my head into the tight cunt and grunted. She kissed me and encouraged me to keep going. Finally I was balls deep.

Without any further hesitation, I began rapidly fucking her. She screamed as I made contact, her huge tits flailing wildly. I put her legs on my shoulders and began fucking her even harder.

“Oh yes!” Ms. Reeves begged, “fuck me Kyle!”

It was like magic watching my dick pounding her sweet cunt. She dug her long nails into my head and pulled to suck her big nipples, spurring me to fuck her faster.

“Yes! You like that wet pussy wrapped around your thick cock Kyle?”

“Fuck yeah…” I replied, “it feels incredible.”

In my weakness, she flipped us over and began riding me. “You like that view Kyle?” Ms. Reeves asked, “your busty ebony teacher riding your fat dick like this?”

It took every ounce of willpower in my body not to gush in her right then and there. I moved my finger into her puckered ass hole and began to rapidly move it, making her moan louder.

She moaned softly as I leaned to give gentle love bites to her tits as she rode me faster. As she rose, I grabbed her hips firmly and began fucking into her at a savage pace.

“Yes Kyle,” She pleaded as her boobs dangled in my face, “fuck me faster!!”

I went faster and harder, our moans and the sounds of our bodily contact filling the large room. “Oh shit!” She cried loud enough for the whole school to hear, “I’m about to cum!!”

I went faster while sucking deeper on her warm chocolate jugs as she screamed again, her juices pouring down my cock and my balls as she continued to bounce on my prick.

She rose up to my head and pounded down hard, picking up her pace.

“Fuck!” we both yelled at the same time as I spanked her ass.

“Yeah,” I taunted, “you like fucking your student’s cock?”

“Fuck yes!” she cried holding onto the edge of the kartal escort desk, “I love it! It’s so wrong but it feels so good!!”

She leaned down to kiss me tenderly. “Can I tell you the truth Kyle?”

I panted, catching my breath. “S-sure.”

“When I found out you knocked up Theresa, a lot of thoughts went through my mind.” Pamela said as she traced my abs, “I always wanted a child but…”

She seemed sad so I kissed her again. “I’d be happy to give you a baby Ms. Pam.”

She smiled and asked, “what do you say we change things up a bit?”

A few seconds, she was crying out and screaming as I was hammering her sweet pussy in doggystyle. My hips slammed into her luscious ass cheeks while I fucked her insanely.

“Yes Kyle!” Pamela begged, “keep fucking me. Breed me with all your hot cum!!”

“Shit, you feel so fucking good wrapped around my cock!” I cried, “Fuck!!”

“Yes! Love it baby! Fuck my pussy!” She was near driven insane with lust, throwing herself back to take me in completely.

“Oh fuck!” I shouted, grabbing her hair in a death grip as my balls tingled, “I’m about to cum!!”

“Shoot it in me!” Pamela begged as she grabbed onto the rocking desk, “Fill me with that thick hot gallon of man juice!!”

I grunted as I fucked her even faster. It was incredible, her cunt tightening, as if trying to break me off inside it.

“Sweet lord,” she moaned, “fuck me baby…”

I spanked her ass. “Fuck!” I shouted, “I’m cumming!!”

My groin tore in two as my seed sprayed like a fire hose into her pussy as I fucked her madly. Thick rockets of jizz sprayed her cervix and it felt like explosions tore through my body.

“Oh fuck…” I said as I pulled out, feeling as if I had came for over 5 minutes.

“Damn,” Pamela exclaimed, “That was incredible…”

I got a tissue to clean the juices off my cock but she held my arm. “I’ll get that Kyle,” she said with a warm smile. She began sucking again deeply.

“Oh yeah…” I moaned with my head lay back.

She went faster and I began to thrust back at her face. I struggled to fight the urge to cum again her mouth but she began to suck even faster.

“I’m cumming!!” I shouted as my cock erupted in a violent explosion, flooding her throat with cum. I held her face to my crotch as I continued filling her mouth with my seed.

As I finished, she released me with a pop.

“Delicious…” she said as she licked her lips, “so much sweet and creamy cum.”

“So I take it we’re doing this again?” I asked expectantly.

“Absolutely,” she replied, “until you get me all big and pregnant baby. And when you pass your test next week, I’ll even you fuck me up my virgin ass.”

My cock twitched.

“Well someone’s excited,” she said, “but only with a perfect score.”

“Agreed.” I replied.

“Good,” She said as she gripped my cock, “because I’m looking forward to this fat cock splitting my ass apart.”

– –

A few weeks later, I groaned as I gushed my seed into Theresa’s pussy as she ate out Mom’s pussy.

“Oh fuck!!” Mom cried while kissing me as she came hard on Theresa’s tongue.

“That was great baby,” Theresa said as she finished cumming, “I’ve never cum so hard.”

“I know. I feel the same way.” Mom replied as she jerked me off.

“I nearly melt each time he enters me,” Theresa said as she stroked me, “but he certainly takes after his father.”

“He certainly does,” Mom said back as I sucked on her tits.

“Oh yes, how is Pamela?” I asked Theresa.

“Oh terrific,” Theresa answered, “she says she can feel your twins growing by the day. Both boys as I assumed.”

“Speaking of boys,” Mom said, “I think mine is ready for a round 15.”

Mom giggled as I positioned himself behind her, my cock pushing into her cunt. I then began fucking her as she and Theresa kissed one another.

I furiously fucked the two horny MILFs all that day, hoping to fill them with more of my seed, loading them up with more and more children as their full and gorgeous breasts shook wildly under my hard fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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