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Peter was the twin brother of Sandra’s father and at fifty; he looked and behaved remarkably like his brother.

The brothers were an even six feet and had managed to weigh an identical seventy each. Narrow shouldered, silky brown hair tinged with gray swept back across their foreheads and covering their ears, even their mannerisms were alike.

When Sandra walked into her bedroom and picked up the baby in her arms, she could hear Peter moving around in the bathroom.

“That you, Sandy?” he called out.

“Yes. You having your bath?” Sandra answered, sitting down on the bed and bringing out one breast from her blouse to feed it to the infant, who immediately began suckling at it contentedly.

“Yeah. How was the workout?” Peter called out.


“What are you doing there?”

“Feeding Robin, what else? You should know it by now.”

The bathroom door opened and Peter walked out.

His face wore a grin. Besides that grin, he wasn’t wearing anything else.

“And, you little girl, you should know that your uncle loves watching this ritual!”

She laughed, eying his phallus dangling between his legs. “As he always does!” she replied. “I was held up for a while and I know that if this little guy doesn’t get his morning dose, he was going to bawl out for the rest of the day.”

“And if this little fellow,” Peter said, gesturing at his semi-erect cock, “doesn’t get his usual dose, he’s gonna have to bawl out all alone.”

She pressed the baby closer to her breast and grinned. “That fellow never bawls alone. Whenever he wants to cry, he comes running for mama!”

Peter walked to her and stood beside the bed, watching the baby suckle hungrily at her breast. He sank his fingers into Sandra’s hair and gripped the back of her head, twisting her face towards him. He thrust his hips out so that his cock head brushed her face.

“So, go ahead, little one,” he said.

Even as the baby suckled at her breast, Sandra opened her mouth wide and allowed her uncle to thrust his cock inside. Peter was big in that department; almost seven inches of meat was stuffed in her mouth and she had to stretch her mouth really wide to accommodate him inside.

“Ah, baby, you do that so good,” he whispered. “You are always horny, especially after you get back from those workouts!”

Peter began to undulate his hips back and forth, fucking his niece’s mouth gently. He would pull his cock out of her mouth completely, allow her to lick the shaft and then push it back into her mouth. Every stroke got a little deeper and deeper until eventually, and as usual, the entire length of his cock disappeared inside her mouth.

“Hmm,” Sandra managed to say as she let her tongue sweep the hot flesh of his shaft.

Peter reached down and lifted the cup of the bra covering her other breast. He cupped it, marveling at its tautness and size.

Gently, he squeezed it, delighting in the way that the warm milk jetted onto his palm. He grasped the erect nipple and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger.

She pulled her head back and looked at him.

“You are really horny, huh?” she asked mischievously, allowing the tip of his cock to rub against her lips as she spoke to him.

“I was inside the bathroom thinking of all those things we did yesterday night and damn! I couldn’t help but get harder and harder. I have been waiting up for you baby! For so long!”

She giggled, shifting to one side to allow the baby to continue suckling her breast. She dropped one shoulder back and pulled his on his cock. He let her do it and groaned when she directed the tip of his cock on the nipple that the baby wasn’t suckling on.

“Oh Jesus, Sandy, that feels so fucking good I could shoot all over you!” he gasped.

“Wait,” she whispered, “the baby’s almost through.”

She let him squeeze the tit till some milk had dribbled onto his cock and then let her tongue sweep across the throbbing shaft.

He took a step back and watched as his niece rose from the bed and carried the baby back to the crib.

“Fast asleep,” she commented, turning around to face him. Her tits were wet with the milk and glistened in the dark of the room.

He was now sitting on the bed, almost at the same spot that she had occupied when feeding the baby. She stepped up to the bed and standing in front of him, she put her hands behind his head, thrust her hips out and pulled his face to her belly.

Immediately, his hands went to the buttons of her jeans and as he nuzzled her t-shirt, he slid off pendik escort one button after the other. Sandra impatiently pulled her t-shirt up over her head and flipped the dangling bra aside to stand naked in front of her uncle.

He watched her large rosy pink nipples, glistening as they were, now getting harder. He enjoyed watching her getting turned on. She looked so pretty and so sexy, he thought, wondering why that dumb son of a bitch Alex had walked out.

“Tits or cunt?” he asked mockingly, having already pushed her panties down over her ripe thighs, past her long legs till they were lying in a puddle around her. She stepped out of them, kicking them away.

“I’m very hot now, uncle! I need to…”

“Don’t say anything, baby. Cunt it is,” he chuckled, leaning forward to push his face squarely into her crotch.

She moaned, grabbing his shoulders and pressed right back. She shuddered when his mouth opened, engulfing her bald pussy, thrusting the tip of his tongue inside the lips.

“Ah yes, uncle Peter, eat me!”

He gripped her taut buttocks and set about his task ardently, swiping his tongue up and down her wet slit. Though her knees were weak with the anticipation of his tongue, she managed to spread her legs, albeit, a little uncomfortably.

He looked up at her, his eyes twinkling. Pulling his lips away or a moment, he said, “Go on, honey pot, lift that leg and rest that knee on my shoulder. Open up your cunt for me.”

Unsteadily, holding on to his shoulders, she raised a leg and put the knee on his shoulder. She leaned back from the waist so she could watch him working away at her pussy.

“Oh yes, do the alphabets, uncle,” she cried out.

And so he began writing the capital letters on her pussy with the tip of his tongue. The two inclined lines of the ‘A’ began from the outside and bottom of her pussy and met at the apex and he swept the tip of his tongue across the middle of her slit to complete the alphabet.

By the time he was inscribing the letter ‘I’, emphasizing the vertical line, she was reduced to a helpless, blabbering woman, struggling to match the rhythm with which he licked her with practiced ease. At ‘J’, she exploded into her first orgasm.

“Oh my god,” she cried out. “Oh yes, dear god, oh yes, that’s it, uncle, nobody does that to me like you do, oh yes, fuck my cunt with your tongue, oh god, yes!”

Ignoring her cries, he slid one hand around her rounded thighs and slipped a finger into her pussy, continuing describing the alphabets faithfully.

“Ah, fuck it, fuck it like that, yes, fuck, fuck, yes,” she gasped, clutching his head closer to her.

Exactly midway through the capital alphabets, she came a second time, more powerfully than the first one. She actually hopped up, wrapping the second leg around his shoulder so that she was totally off the floor and was sitting atop his face.

Peter was strong enough to grab her thighs, his mouth still clamped on her pussy and get to his feet. She shrieked as he carried her in this position right to the bedroom. She had to duck her head to avoid getting hit by the top frame of the doorway when they entered the bathroom.

“Better set me down if you don’t want me to fall off,” she laughed, noticing that he had already filled the large circular tub with water.

“And miss the chance of fucking with you? No way, baby,” he replied, swiftly, releasing her so that she slid off the front of his body till she was standing in front of him.

“You have been making the preparations, I can see,” she said, taking his stiff cock in her hand and masturbating him gently.

“Couldn’t wait,” he said, dipping a toe in the water. “Good. It’s still warm, just the way you like it. Come on, let’s fuck.”

He stepped into the tub and slid down to lie on his back. He hadn’t filled up the water completely and the level reached just enough to cover his body up. His cock jutted out of the water. He swung one arm around the edge and captured his cock with two fingers of his other hand.

“Give me a break, Sandra. Look at this poor fellow.”

She stepped in the tub gingerly, testing the water and turned around so that her back faced him. Slowly she lowered down till she was reclined on his body in the crook of his arm.

She turned around, her tits mashing against his chest, one leg swinging around his hips and the other folding at the knee and spreading apart till it rested against the side of the tub.

He bent down to kiss her mouth and his hand slid up from his cock to enfold the maltepe escort tit nearest to him. As they kissed wetly, he squeezed the tit. A spray of the warm milk shot out from her nipple covering his hand.

His tongue shot into her mouth and she began sucking on it avidly, arching her back in pleasure as he played with her tit. He spread the milk over the soft flesh of her tits and then slid his hand down over her belly. She raised her body slightly to clear the top of her belly off the water and allow him to caress her there.

He ducked his head down and captured the swollen tit in his mouth and she moaned when he sucked on it, drinking the milk. His other hand now went around her shoulders and fondled the other breast.

She groped down, her hand rushing through the warm water and then skimming along the surface till she had his cock in her fist. He grunted around her nipple when she grasped his throbbing member and jerked it up and down.

“Ah, uncle, that feels so good, ah yes, suck on my tits, ah yes! The other one now, uncle!”

Peter shuffled forward, sweeping his tongue over the expanse of her smooth chest till his head was poised above the other breast.

“You want lick or suck?” he teased her.

“Oh fuck, uncle, do something, or I am going to rip this cock off!” She jerked hard on his cock and laughing, he bent down and stuffed her tit as much into his mouth as possible. She wailed when he began to drink from it.

She shifted to her right slightly and now was directly atop his body and off the water, her back against his front. The water splashed when she moved her legs to arrange them wide apart and rest the heels on opposite edges of the tub. This way, her pussy was wide open and hovered inches above his cock.

“Put it inside me, now,” she panted, her hands gripping the edges of the tub.

“You are doing all the moving, baby,” he replied, licking her tits and adjusting his body so that his cock brushed her ass cheeks.

She waited, breathing hard, suspended above him as he reached down with one hand to grab his cock and guide it to the entrance of her pussy. She sighed when he rubbed the tip over her slit and cried out when she felt the knob pressing against her clit.

“Oh, please, uncle, shove that cock inside me now!”

“You are greedy,” he remarked, pushing his hips upward and letting his cock sink inside her pussy.

“Ah,” she breathed, slowly lowering her body till his shaft was impaled inside her. He groped for her swinging tits and captured them in his hands, kneading the supple flesh as she began to ride him.

The water splashed rhythmically as she moved up and down over his prone body.

“Oh my god, uncle, you are so long and so thick,” she gasped as she moved up and down, back and forth, greedy for his cock now as it speared her repeatedly.

“And you baby, are so hot and so tight, ah, yes, it feels so good, baby, yes, fuck me darling, oh yes, faster honey, harder!”

The water splashed wildly as she increased the speed of her movements. It splashed against her ass and splashed over her legs to hit her pussy, which was swallowing his cock avidly, the muscles sucking the flesh inside of her.

“Oh my god, I need that thing inside me forever, uncle,” she whimpered.

“You got it, babe,” he replied, beginning to move faster now. He mauled her tits savagely, realizing that the flow of the milk, which had been so steady a while ago, had almost stopped.

She was now gripping the edge of the tub with her hands and her legs were wide open as she put her heels down on the opposite edge of the tub. She moved up and down frantically as he lay on his back in the water, content to pump his hips in the opposite direction of her movements and kneading her swollen tits.

His cock plunged into the depths of her hot pussy at exactly the angle she loved it to fuck her at. She had not only to move her ass up and down over him, but also had to rock back and forth to ensure that the entire length of his cock filled her up completely.

“Fuck me harder, uncle!” she wailed. “Shove that cock deeper inside me, deeper and harder, ah yes, fuck me, oh god, fuck me!”

He could sense that she was on the verge of an orgasm. He was amazed at the number of times she needed to come to attain her satisfaction and wished he could be similarly blessed with the capacity of coming several times in a row.

He slid one hand down her swollen tit and over her taut, flat belly, his fingers extended downwards and she cried out again when kartal escort he found her hard clit.

“Oh yes,” she hissed as he began rubbing his fingers in a circular movement, pressing hard on the nub.

The water splashed around them as he began to move urgently; faster and harder now, concentrating on pounding steadily into her just the way she always needed it. His finger was a blur on her clit, as his cock dug into her deeper and deeper.

And then she was crying out, her body twisting and shuddering and rocking as she exploded into a shattering climax.

He continued fucking her with the same intensity till she gasped and moaned; finally, lifting her body off his till his cock popped out of her pussy. Her legs came off the edge of the tub and sank into the water beside his and her hands flopped down at her sides weakly.

She sunk onto her back on top of his body, his cock trapped against her back. He stopped moving, letting her wallow in the luxury of the climax.

They were breathing heavily.

“Damn girl, but you are amazing,” he commented, gently moving his body to rub his erect cock across her lower back.

“So are you, as good and solid a fuck as always” she panted, reaching down to take his cock in her hands, lifting the upper part of her body to do so. “You are still hard!”

“That’s because I’ve still not come. You want another fuck, baby?”

For an answer, she wriggled down over his body and he knew that she was satiated, though he wasn’t sure for how long.

She crouched at his waist and he pushed her hair back because he wanted to watch her sucking his cock. He always loved to watch.

She held the base of his cock between two fingers and cupped his balls with the fingers of her other hand. She bent down and slid his cock into her mouth.

She wasn’t going to fool around this time. There was to be no licking or teasing. Instead, she took him in her mouth completely and he felt her nose against his crotch.

She didn’t immediately pull her head back, allowing his cock to thrust inside her throat, relaxing those muscles. He watched her as she accommodated him inside her mouth, milking him with those amazing throat muscles, amazingly without gagging till he thought she would choke.

And just when he was about to pull back, her lips glided up his shaft till only the tip remained in her mouth.

“Oh my god, baby, you suck mean and you suck good,” he said.

“Hmm…” she answered, looking up into his eyes before ducking down to take him back again up to the hilt.

He lay back in the tub, letting the water cascade over his stomach, taking care to ensure that his cock was well above the water level. She wouldn’t have cared less even if it had been under water, he knew, watching her as she concentrated on the blowjob. Her lips slid back and forth over the turgid flesh of his cock and her hands fondled his balls. He had to do something, he thought and finally reached down to take her jiggling tits in his hands, kneading the ample and soft flesh there.

“Hmm,” she murmured, now rubbing the wet tip over her lips and then easing her tongue down over the shaft. She pushed it back against his flat belly and licked the underside, sighing when he began to pinch her nipples.

“Damn, there’s still some milk left here,” he said.

She bent down and grinning at him, she took his cock back in her mouth. She brought her legs up and crouched down comfortably, giving her whole concentration on the job at hand.

“Baby,” he muttered casually, his hips lifting ever so slightly. “I think I want to come now.”

She redoubled her efforts after he spoke and he groaned when he felt the tip of his cock lodged in her throat, her mouth continuing to milk him.

He managed to pull his upper body up and off the water and bending down over her, he began to move his hips up and down, feeding his cock to her with increasing speed.

She clung on to his hips now, allowing him to fuck her face. She fondled his balls and managed to let her tongue sweep over his cock.

It had to end, he thought regretfully. His back arched and he groaned, his mouth opening wide. He stared at the sight of his cock pumping furiously in and out of her lips and then, finally, he exploded.

“Ah, oh god, ah, ughhh!”

She struggled to swallow his seed. There was, as usual, a lot of it but she did swallow more that half of it. The rest, she let dribble out of the corners of her mouth that was still clamped around his throbbing shaft.

He felt the drops of his come fall down on the back of his hand and he pulled it away so that they would instead anoint her tits.

She moaned, her hands now clutching her tits, palms spreading his come all over them.

That, she thought to herself, was just for starters.

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